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Live Stream FF01052020

Professional Live Streaming Events

May 3, 2020

With the changing environment live streaming events has been the ‘go to’ solution to keep events going. Whist it is very easy to get a live stream happening in so many different platforms that are available to us, there is a difference in your results between a professional live stream and a live stream you use with your iPhone.

What we deliver with all our live streaming solutions is quality HD streams with vision and audio to match. Our technicians ensure that we capture your event so that your audience feels like they are with you in the room.  We achieve this through the following

  • Multiple Camera angles
  • Professional sound mix and quality microphones picking up the sound of your event.
  • Lighting to compliment your event, remove unwanted shadowing and to create the atmosphere you desire for your live event.

From our experience, the one thing that keeps people tuned into your event is the quality of the audio. We can guarantee that our audio engineers mix to ensure that is sounds great on the users end. Yes there are differences to the user if they are listening on their phone or on the HiFi system in the lounge room, but having a professional quality mix will ensure that every device sounds as good as it can.

If you want to take your live stream to the next level, or if you are wanting to do live streams right, contact us to discuss a package to suit your event.

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