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Three Little Sisters - Garden Party

Garden Party with the Three Little Sisters

December 24, 2018

What a great way to finish off a big 2018 with a Garden Party with the sounds of the Three Little Sisters and band. This event had a few challenges, the biggest one was the 2 separate stage areas for the Three Little Sisters to sing and dance on and then the stage for the band. To ensure that the girls and the band where able to hear each other clearly we used our dB Technologies LVXXM12 foldback monitors to mix the foldback for the band members to have what they need but also for the Three Little Sisters out on the front stage to not only hear them but also having a band mix through their wedges.

The audience (as seen in photo), is under a separate marquee, to the band. This assisted in controlling the sound levels for the front of house mix for the audience as we could achieve a strong well balanced mix of the band, keeping to the 1940’s style. This also meant that the FOH mix had to be a strong representation fo the band as they where in a separate marquee with very minimal spill from the band to the audience.


This event was a highly enjoyable event, and looking forward to working with the Three Little Sisters in 2019.


Three Little Sisters - Garden Party 002