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Live Sound for Singers – Microphones – Overview

On November 15, 2017 by Jonathan Heath

Microphones are a massive part of a singer’s sound as this is the way they can amplify their voice so they can be heard over the band (especially those hard hitting drummers and that guitarist who always turns up their amp). Microphones are more than just a means to amplify a singer’s voice, it adds to the overall tone of the vocalists voice.   It is important that singers, no matter where they are professionally. Whether it is their first […]

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dB Technologies LVX12 and LVX XM12 Review

On April 17, 2017 by Jonathan Heath

Recently we had the opportunity to purchase some new dB Technologies LVX speakers to add to our inventory of gear. We received the 4 x LVX12 and 4x LVX XM12 speakers. When I opened the box for the first time, I was blow away with not only the sleek look but also the light the speakers where across both of the models. The first thing I noticed about the LVX12 speakers was the clarity and the well rounded sound that […]

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I Can’t Hear Myself

On August 18, 2016 by Jonathan Heath

We have all played at those gigs where we roll in with our guitar amp, plug in and play, get told by a sound engineer (like myself) to turn down. All the crowd can here is your guitar, cause the sound engineer can not get a clean vocal, but when you turn down you “can’t hear yourself”. Been there? As a guitarist myself too, I have personally been there, and on the other side of the fence I hate being […]

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Welcome Rubicon 9000

On July 31, 2016 by Jonathan Heath

On July 18th 2016, Amplify This 200 Productions provided a high quality productions for Hardi Australia as they released their new sprayer, the Rubicon 9000. Product reveal was a relatively new area of production for Amplify This, but we where not afraid of the challenge. In our initial meeting with the team at Hardi Australia, we where to come up with a solution which included a Kabuki drop, projection and sound requirements and to transform the maintenance warehouse at Hardi into […]

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Digital Mixer – Console to Stagebox troubleshoot

On April 26, 2016 by Jonathan Heath

Digital mixing consoles are becoming the preferred style of mixing console for many sound engineers world wide. While this technology is the reliable, easy to use, compact and has everything you need, sometimes they are challenging to troubleshoot. Since our society is so heavily reliant of computers and digital technology especially in the high pressure AV world, when we have a situation that arrises and we have a short timeframe to figure out what is wrong, it can be overwhelming […]

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DJ Speaker Configurations

On April 23, 2016 by Jonathan Heath

DJ Speaker Configurations The range of professional PA speakers on the market these days can be extremely overwhelming especially if you are not 100% sure on what you require when you are a DJ starting out. In working in the live music industry and working with many DJ’s in the past. I believe that all DJ’s should know how to choose the right configuration of their speakers either owned or hired for gigs. Types of speakers There are 2 types […]

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Small PA System Setup

On March 5, 2016 by Jonathan Heath

Setting up a PA for a small gig for a band or performances such as duo’s, trios, playback for dance performances, or even speeches. This little setup is the most common configuration for small sized shows. Gear Required  A mixer (Analogue or Digital) Front of House Speakers (FOH) Foldback speakers (recommended, but not necessary for some shows) 2x speaker stands (for FOH) Cables required for your system (Power cables, XLR Cables, Speaker Cables, minimum 1 power board with surge protection) […]

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The Party To Remember

On February 21, 2016 by Jonathan Heath

Spending time with friends and family to celebrate and party on is part of the Australian culture, and non the less, has played a part in getting us where we are today.   When hosting your party, you wanna make people remember it as a great, fun night, but don’t want to spend through the roof. I am going to give you a few tricks that makes the party feel and look great.   Firstly you have to have a […]

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Mixing Desk Layout

On February 11, 2016 by Jonathan Heath

You maybe in a band, play solo or duo gigs or even a a sound engineer for a small stage. There is a size, range of channels that can suit all situations. We are going to give an overview on the general layout of a basic mixer. Firstly, each mixer will have a “channel strip”, which consists of all the controls for the particular channel.   INPUT On every mixer there will be a a number of inputs to match […]

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