Welcome Rubicon 9000

On July 18th 2016, Amplify This 200 Productions provided a high quality productions for Hardi Australia as they released their new sprayer, the Rubicon 9000. Product reveal was a relatively new area of production for Amplify This, but we where not afraid of the challenge. In our initial meeting with the team at Hardi Australia, we where to come up with a solution which included a Kabuki drop, projection and sound requirements and to transform the maintenance warehouse at Hardi into a venue for the evening. After a site visit, and a good look at the area we where to transform into a venue of the night, we began to organise the event. The Kabuki drop, being the highlight and main focus of the event, ensuring this side of the production went smoothly and well constructed was key to the success of the event. We where extremely lucky that the centre of the warehouse had structural beams which we could rig a truss system to hang the kabuki, lighting and projection from.


Truss rigged with kabuki and lights ready to fly


Pre-Show lighting with Rubicon 9000 behind drapes









Due to the size of the machine (4.2m high and 48.5m wide), we had to ensure that the Kabuki was high enough to cover the machine. Due to the hight of the buildings structural beams and the angle it was on, we had a 4.8m high truss along 25m to the centre, than 15m from the centre of the warehouse to the outer wall. This was how we created the ‘venue’ feel and look, partitioning of the area with black drapes.
In total we had 28m of Kabuki drape, plus 15m of standard drape. All drapes where 3m x 6m sheets.

Vision was a nice and simple setup, using a Stumpfl 16′ x 9′ screen coupled with a Barco W8 projector provided a great viewing for the presentations, but most importantly the product reveal video. ‘View video below.’

Aerial Element – Hardi – Rubicon Presentation from Aerial Element on Vimeo.


The aim with audio was to ensure that the presenters could be heard cleanly without the high volume. To do this we spread the speakers out to ensure even throw throughout the room. For the high video impact we utilised 2 x 18″ subs get down to the low melodies of the unveiling music.


The unveiling Video – With Kabuki drop and lighting

This achievement has not gone un-noticed, the sales and marketing manager of Hardi Australia Steve Parker wrote to myself

“All credit to you and your company ‘Amplify This 200 Productions’, and your team for delivering an brilliant unveiling production. You listened to what we wanted to achieve and delivered beyond our expectations. It  was a pleasure to work with you and we will definitely engage you for our next reveal.”

To achieve these results, the assistance which Wesley and Novatech provided with the kabuki, lighting and projection must not go unrecognised. Thanks for your assistance with your experience and hire of equipment for this production.


We at Amplify This look forward to providing production for unveilings in the future