The Party To Remember

Spending time with friends and family to celebrate and party on is part of the Australian culture, and non the less, has played a part in getting us where we are today.


When hosting your party, you wanna make people remember it as a great, fun night, but don’t want to spend through the roof. I am going to give you a few tricks that makes the party feel and look great.


Firstly you have to have a party look good. It doesn’t matter if it is in your backyard or at a beautiful venue, looks are the first thing people criticise on. One effective way to make your party stand out and look amazing is with the use of ‘Up Lighting’. This is a technique used in the AV world to add class and style, but also to highlight certain areas of the room or outside. You might want to light up a nice tree in the yard, or the stone work of the building. There are so many possibilities.


Another popular option is bringing the club atmosphere to the party. There are so many different types of effects lights that operate off of the sound of the music. These are great as they predict “the drop” or sections of the music track. The Light Emotion series of party effects lights are among my favourite, as they are easy to setup all you need is access to 240v power.




Getting your sound is essential. Most people are not aware of the significant difference between your HiFI stereo and a PA speaker. HiFi stereos or the latest surround sound are not designed to be blasted at high volumes, whist they have the capability, it is quite easy to blow a speaker or do significant damage. PA speakers are designed to be at high volumes but also they are designed to beam sound out over a large area, where a HiFi is meant for the bedroom. There are so many types of PA Speakers on the market and can be a difficult choice. My recommendation is to go for 2x Powered Speakers, as they are self powered and often have an inbuilt limiter and speaker protection. Most of these speakers you can plug in the back of one and link them together to give you your sound. This is perfect setup for up to 100 guests.


Adding a Subwoofer to your party speaker rig is a great asset to free up the top boxes to give the clarity of the high end, letting the subs to concentrate on the bass.


You, the party or event organiser has so much to deal with, but rest assured, come and speak to our staff to bring you comfort and a system that sounds great and lights up the room giving your party goers something to rave and talk about #awesomeparty #willholdasuccessfulparty