Digital Mixer – Console to Stagebox troubleshoot

Digital mixing consoles are becoming the preferred style of mixing console for many sound engineers world wide. While this technology is the reliable, easy to use, compact and has everything you need, sometimes they are challenging to troubleshoot. Since our society is so heavily reliant of computers and digital technology especially in the high pressure AV world, when we have a situation that arrises and we have a short timeframe to figure out what is wrong, it can be overwhelming for many technicians.

I good friend of mine and an excellent sound engineer has an experience recently with a digital console which he hired from me. Everything was working well when he picked up the equipment, when he got to the gig. As the gig was about to start the digital stage boxes were not communicating to the desk correctly. Because of the high stress to get the system back up and running he had to revert to another option. Little did he know at the time, it was one button he needed to press to turn his troubles into a successful gig.

At Amplify This 200 Productions, we want to ensure our technicians have all the support they require when providing technical support to a show. This is the beginning of a series of checklists we will provide to assist to problem solve on the fly in high stress situations.

The below link will give you a checklist to go through when your digital console is not communicating correctly with your digital stage box(s).

Console to Stagebox Checklist