dB Technologies LVX12 and LVX XM12 Review

Recently we had the opportunity to purchase some new dB Technologies LVX speakers to add to our inventory of gear. We received the 4 x LVX12 and 4x LVX XM12 speakers.

When I opened the box for the first time, I was blow away with not only the sleek look but also the light the speakers where across both of the models.

The first thing I noticed about the LVX12 speakers was the clarity and the well rounded sound that came from the box.  The positioning of the handles has been well thought out and dB Tech has really thought about how sound engineers want to carry a speaker (or speakers). One thing I did notice about these speakers is they are very directional, something I personally am not used to in a speaker. With this being said, this is very consistent across dB Technologies range (the cheaper Opera and the model up DVX). When placing 2 of the 12″ side by side, they give a much wider spread, something I am personally more used to.

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dB Technologies LVX12

The LVX XM12 speakers on the other hand, wow what a sound. The upper frequencies really cut through with clarity, which is awesome for a wedge. On the first outing with these as foldback for a heavy rock band, I was told to turn them down by the band, something that has never happened to me before (and the band was extremely loud on stage!).
The sleek look of the LVX XM12 adds that clean look to the stage, and the angle the wedge is cut too, is perfect for a small or large stage.

The only thing about the LVX series that bugs me is that they had to use different power supplies. LVX12 uses an IEC while the LVX XM12 uses a powercon. It would have been smart to go all powercon or all IEC, but that is a small thing in the scheme of it all.

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dB Technologies LVX XM12

All in all, very happy with these in our inventory at Amplify This 200 Productions. These speakers have made our job in delivering a professional and quality sound re-enforcement for any event, band, gig, show or speech that is thrown our way (they also good good too). We look forward to using them on a show for you soon.